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Joé McKen | Composer

Composer in Québec specializing in orchestral, particularly soundtracks. My tools are Sibelius and
a mountain of virtual instruments. (Also known in some communities as Noc.)
Welcome to my personal site! Below you’ll find more information about myself, my music, the places you can find me (and my music), and how you can commission music of your own.

— Pages —

Play & download my music for free
in high-quality MP3, WAV & more.
You can also toss me a coin,
which is always appreciated!

Same catalogue as my other pages,
as well as some older ver­sions
(these will be removed over time
to save account space).

All my music, plus the occasional sketch or other bit of bonus content.
Like & subscribe! That is, if you want. It’s cool either way.

All music-related announcements
and miscellaneous musings go here.
Very chill space, and growing fast.
I also have a personal account.

I’ve been reducing my usage lately,
but everything gets posted here too.
I refuse to call it any other name.
I also have a personal account.

I use the other places more often,
but all updates end up here as well.
May periodically post some extras.
I also have a personal account.

You can also reach me by email at:

joemcken64 [at] gmail [dot] com

— About —

Hey there! I’m Joé, and I write music – for myself, and for you.I’m a self-taught composer working out of suburban Québec, Canada. I began writing music as a child, and I’ve spent my life honing the crafts of composition and orchestration. I’ve scored for a variety of media, including videogames, audiobooks, podcasts and more, in addition to various personal projects. I’m always eager for an opportunity to expand my repertoire and try something new.I use the scorewriting application Sibelius along with top-quality virtual instrument libraries, which lets me harness the power and realism of any ensemble right from my home studio. I write everything manually; I don’t use shortcuts or automated tools, no loops or arpeggiators or rhythm machines. I craft my sound one note, one instrument, at a time, for maximum flexibility and authenticity, and I let the results speak for themselves. (You can read about the details of my setup here.)If you’re interested in music that’s custom-tailored for you, then you’ve come to the right place.

— Listen —

Here’s my latest published work:

Here’s a brief selection of other pieces in various styles (updated periodically):

You can find much more on my Bandcamp, SoundCloud and YouTube pages.

— Commission me —

Like what you hear above? Want something like it for yourself or your project?

Then click here for my commission information, and let’s create something together.

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